70s Deco - out of the Thrift Store

In Germany the idea of Thrift Stores isn't much developed. Although it started slowly with organizations like 'oxfam' in the last five years, it still will take many years until the concept gets really accepted.
Old furniture are either antique and then sold for high prices or they are not and then got thrown away or its sold in special “Social stores” for less-income families...normal people hardly have the possibility to shop there and therefore they even don't know about this concept. E-bay opened the market for used furniture, but still it will be a long way until the whole idea gets realized for non-profit organizations and consumers.
So, when I came to Canada I was very pleased while exploring the different Thrift Stores and options it gave me to fill our flat with inexpensive, but still good quality furniture. The largest providers are the Salvation Army and much better organized but therefore more expensive- the Value Village. We got chairs, table, kitchen tools, dishes, desks, picture frames... a lot came from these stores and - often renewed with a little paint job- it found its place in our home...
For much other things we just don't have enough space, but at least I enjoy watching it in the store, like the old trunks and armchairs.

Especially 1970s-style fabrics start to be so interesting with its flowers and wild mixtures of colors. Unfortunately our house is already mixed enough, so that we can't go for wild fabrics at all, but these things are at the beginning of being real retro pieces and they just need ten years more to be again, really cool... :-)

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