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This week my husband brought a nice book (for me) home: “The world of Budget Decorating... Over 400 photographs [..] more than 100 in full color” printed in the year 1971(first edition was from 1964).

One of the themes is for example: Fabulous fakes – from flowers to fabrics to furs- the new synthetics that are inexpensive, and fun...

The book was just so perfect for me and for days I felt, that I am in some kind of vintage decoration Candyland just me, the couch, the book and these fabulous pictures of 1960s to 70s decorations...
I loved the chairs and black-and-white pictures and even many color pictures are looking some kind of modern.. the fabrics might be complete different or the chosen materials, but the setting of the furniture in a room and the decoration is as modern as you can find it nowadays in the magazines...
Of course some describtions are a bit out-of time, for example: The room is a modern vinyl wonderland, wood-like walls, plastic ceiling beams, printed pre-pasted and pre-trimmed wallpaper, vinyl tiles in an attractive pebbled terrazzo design and a synthetic sofa and chair....
But that was considered to be the latest trend at this time... of course it was possbile to have natural wood on the walls, but the people were excited of the possebilities to have plastic wood-like walls. After the End of the 60s, two major decades proclaimed a more natural interior design again, mostly in the 70s and the beginning of the 90s, but its hard to say, where is the border between good and bad design.
For me its difficult to stand the interiors with so many different colorful patterns. Many photos are That! colorful and my eyes start spinning, but this is what 60s style was all about, the brown pioneer and old world era furniture was gone, handcrafted wing chairs started to be boring and all the new space-ship forms in fresh colors and extreme patterns with rounded aero-designs for chairs and tables were 'trés chic'. And even at this time, there was an opposite design direction and thats why one of the most interesting themes is about Mexican Design.. where its just about handcrafted chairs and tradtional styles, but it was also a very colourful style.
Nowadays, we are all IKEA educated and our spaces have to look not cluttered, in the ideal case like a hotel room, every belt, shoe, towel has its own designed places in different boxes, and baskets and box like furniture and so it happened, that just in time, the people remembered the furniture designs of the 50s-70s and a lot of these modern classics became again very very hot.. :-)

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