Historical Fences in Potsdam-West

Since long, I have an admittedly odd passion for fences.
While living in Potsdam I always saw these old, magical fairytale fences of different architectural epochs and after long time looking and liking, I finally started making pictures of them.

Nowadays many of these fences are already vanished, because when one of the old art nouveau and art decorative houses were renovated, the fence often got thrown away and replaced through a young, much more standard version, which is easier to maintain.
Many homeowners didn't even know, that there were extra money available from the government, just for the reconstruction of the historic fences, with the intention to preserve them... For me, even the most rusty, nearly broken old fence was preferable to any shining-boring new product, which didn't seem to have the same soul...and didn't fit to the old houses, either.

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