The New Art Festival

Recently we went to an Art Festival in Ottawa and it was really a very nice, perfect sunny day for this Open-Air Event.

I made a cycling tour with my husband over bridges and rivers and then we had a look in this park with all the paintings, hand crafted items, belly dancers, musicians and gallery displays..

We were looking at technical paintings, shining acrylic pictures, jewelery, badges, photos and water colors and fell in love with the paintings of a young Korean artist.
Her pictures were cute and charming, mostly starring a girl with so much hair like a huge cloud. She told us, that this girl is inspired by her own daughter and that her daughter is also telling her what to paint.. like 'the girl should sleep on the moon', 'kiss a white cat .'. etc..
I liked one picture very much, but thought, that I am just too old for getting such picture or at least I should have children..
So, I went away and was all the way thinking if I should not just go back and buy it.
Well, when I went for a moment to the washroom and came back, my husband vanished and while I was looking for him, he came back with a big smile on his face and the wrapped picture in his hand..perfect :-)

These and a few more pictures are also collected in this small album:

The New Art Festival

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