Easy Details II -Working with Plywood-Applications and Color

Yes I know, it has been a while since I wrote anything in the 'Easy Details'-Section... I will try to find more inspirations soon.
This one is really an easy decoration. I bought the small packet with pre- cutted plywood pieces (mine one was for 1 $ from the Dollar Store and it had a lot of hearts, circles and ovals in it), laid the pieces on the wood in the way I wanted to create a pattern and then simply sticked it with glue. After it dried, I first colored the pieces in white, so that the plywood pieces were not just sticking to the wood with the glue, but even with the color.
Then I colored everything in different shades and easy pattern and ...voilá, everything was... ready.

My bed table already had a make-over from yellow to red-white... now I just added a few more details.

The mirror was a standard Ikea-product.. I colored it white and then added the applications...it is looking a bit candy-like, or?

The holder for my calendar got only some colorful details, which I found as a henna pattern at Google... it was really not difficult to paint.

My small golden mirror was in a dark white with half vanished comic stickers, when I saw it for the first time. A coat of white color and just a few golden accents later-plus a pearl embellishment, it was ready to find a new place in the living room.

The two frames with shells were from the very beginning meant to hang in the bathroom, but I struggled a long time thinking which color could be the best. When I bought them, they were baby blue, then I colored the frames in antique white, later in shining orange and then plain white. The four sticked plywood-quarters and the black color finally gave them the style, I intended to get. The shells motives on the quarters, I found again in Google, it was first a bit tricky for me to paint, but in the final result I really liked it. And together with a series of black and white photos, the shell frames found their place on the wall.

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