One of my all-time favorite mail order magazines in Germany was together with Conley's, the 'Impressionen-Katalog'.
Every time I was really looking forward to see the latest issue in my mailbox. I would sit down for a while with lots of cups of Earl Grey-Tea and reading it through.
It never looked like a typical catalog. The layout was nice, the production was well done and even when I never bought that much there, because it was quite expensive, I always got a lot of inspirations from this very catalog.
It more often felt like reading through a nice decoration magazine, with sleek white or funny, colorful furniture, dishes and 'different kind of' fashion, just that you were able to see the price of each item and that the catalog by itself was send free to your home... :-)
The things never felt dark or overly dramatic, it was a catalog for people, who want an open airy beach house feeling for their home, who doesn't take themselves or their life that serious and still like to have something else than just IKEA can provide...
and even when I am now living far away, its still worth to take from time to time a look in the online shop... even when its not the same...

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