Easy Details IV: Notes

This post is all about notes... and I don't mean the one you are noting down in your blackberry or any other technical gimmick... no, today its all about the good old fashioned ways of keeping notes in your mind by writing them down in the moment you had them. Therefore this post is about cork boards, fridge magnets and note boards and black boards.
Eventually I have all three in my home, because I' m disorganized enough to need as much help as possible...

Lets start with the Cork Board
It was always a favorite of me and I had cork boards since I am very young.
They are the perfect combination to keep photos, inspirations, doctors appointments and necklaces in place and order and you can always renewed it quite easily, according to your mood, season... and ideas.

This one is (of course ;-) a second-hand found and because the cork wasn't that good looking any longer, I kept some scrapbook-paper under the notes. This unify' s the look and the cork isn't visible at all.

Fridge Magnets
The small magnetic notepad on the fridge is my essential shopping list organizer.

When ever I open the door and something is missing or empty, I can write it down, before I will forget it...(because otherwise I do forget it.)
The other magnets are a wild mixture of real souvenir magnets; scrapbook embellishments, on which I sticked small magnets and pictures- like the Sanssouci-Castle bookmark, which got sticked together with self-adhesive magnetic foil to hold on the metal...

Black Board
Our black board is situated on an unusual place: in the living room and it is therefore more decoration than real organizer... I got it in dark scratched wood and it took some time until I reached the creamy off white- antique white effect, which it is showing now... I always thought about a black decoration or signature as well (f.e. Just the words: Les chats, in the down part), but never made it until now...

It is our place to write down things like: phoning him/ her; write this e-mail to... surf on these websites, write about this in your blog... so its actually my extended desk helper and it has always place for inspirational words and pictures... for the best ideas ... :-)

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