Erzgebirge and Easter...

The Erzgebirge is a mountain region in South-East Germany which was in former times known for its rich iron, silver and tin resources, thats why the name literally means: “metal ore mountain range”.
As the ore deposits declined, the former miners had to look for new jobs and they found them in wood carving, shaping wooden daily products, toys and religious figures.

Until today the Erzgebirge , like the town of Seiffen is famous for its wooden Christmas and also easter figures, which are still getting crafted in small family companies and workshops.
While growing up in Germany I was used to see the well-known 'rabbit school' as an easter decoration and later I started collecting wooden original figures by myself. Although they are often colorful, they aren't too kitschy and I liked decorating window boards and easter branches with my colored eggs, but also with wooden eggs, chicks and wooden rabbits.
When I came to Canada I tried to find something similar more natural looking as well, because I didn't wanted to clean and paint real eggs since I have two curious cats. But I found out, that Easter is unlike in Germany just considered to be a kids party and so everything is only about chocolate and plastic eggs in which you can fill sweets... . So, I started missing 'my' way of celebrating easter a bit and took a close look in the online available catalogs (this link and many others, too). Here, I'm showing a small collection of what I saw and liked and some pictures of my family and friends, about how they decorate with wooden decorations and real eggs. Have fun.. :-)

These are real quail eggs and wooden eggs...

A decent yet colorful easter window decoration...

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