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The Berlin Shop of the OK-online catalog is situated at the Alte Schönhauser Street Number 36/37. It is the second shop of the Cologne entrepreneur Lukas Plum, who was starting his mail order catalog of inexpensive, exceptional, odd and still useful daily products of mostly developing countries in 1997, after finishing his art studies.

The Shop is selling daily products of countries like China, Bulgaria, India, Mexico, South Africa and many many more... most things are cheap industrial articles made of plastic, paper, tin boxes or wood, which maybe even can considered to be very ugly, but they are something special, because they are not available in Germany anywhere else.

For example you can buy a colorful egg carriers from Bulgaria for your whole family or 2 l thermoses from China with flower prints, Sandals made of old wheels from Ghana, tea glasses with sand inside the glas from Yemen or even watering cans from tin cans and a radio of recycled wires and crown caps from South Africa.
Many products are unique and colorful and it is fun to look at all these stuff in the small shop and think by yourself, what use it might have or even start thinking about the country were it came from.

I guess many company agents in the countries, where the products are coming from, were a bit confused, when they were selling these products to Germany, as they are of low quality and even in their own country considered to be less worth... .
But for us, they can be a very unique and special gift and the things are even in Germany never too expensive...

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  1. thats perfect! Why am I looking at this now!! I just got to see ur tweet and got this link from there.. thanks for this.. It looks so well organised list.. very helpful


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