First Impressions

Just to please the blog layout, which I have choosen, I decieded to post some pictures of the brown-offwhite colour scheme only. It doesn't mean that I dont like colours in general, infact we have so many different colours and patterns in our home right now, that we are still fighting to have a calm atmosphere without too many disturbing patterns.

White is a way to calm down, it gives that special beach house holiday feeling and it even gives light in our shawdowed living room, which is especially in the dark winter days a real advantage. That white doesn't makes a room looking cold and “like in hospital” its necessary to add a lot of different materials and fabric. The wall colour should be an offwhite tone, only. Our white cats Linus and Shweta are of course working on the cozy looking factor aswell. Some of the pictures are from the house of a friend and out of the museum of civilisation in Gatineau and the small stone cottage I just saw once in a street and liked it so much, that I had to make a picture immediatly.

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