I have already a personal blog since one year and from the very beginning I also wanted to write about decoration and I wanted to write in english.
So this blog now, is maybe the best combination of these both.
Even when I sometimes write about decoration matters in my personal blog aswell, still I dont want to fill it with this only, because its mostly about the life of my husband and me in the different countries we live in (and written in german). Its about sightseeing, cultural differences and struggles, so I dont want to bore some people with deco themes only. I still hope, that this blog wont become boring aswell and I am very excited to have my own place now, to share my decoration ideas and inspirations with you.


  1. Great! Finally a way to learn from you. ;) I think about you and your decorating skills alot these days, this appartment could need loads of your work. ;)

    I don't think I will stay here long enough to really invest money here, but still...

  2. He he, yah but first I have to learn from me aswell, because the flat in Rostock just needed a bit more colour and because of its unique style nearly everything was going. Here we are living in a proper 1960s-house and many styles for example cottage accents would just look odd. So we try to blend retro with indian and contempory designs and until now we were not that sucessful.

  3. oops what a strange comment of mine. of course I'm really happy to share my knowledge and to see that its even useful from time to time, I just wanted to say that I also have to start from the very beginning with every new place.
    btw there are a lot of easy decorations available, with paper and it doesnt need to be expensive at all to look good, I will show in some posts later :-)


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