When I found this 1975-Lithographie of a woman with hat in a second hand store, it was hanging in a cheap gold-coloured plastic frame, from which the colour was already nearly gone.
Although the motive is still a bit “kitschy” and at least ten years away from being 'Retro', I fall in love with the motive.
It's a real contemporary interpretation of Art Nouveau. The shape of the face is still perfectly made with the Golden-Cut-Rule, but the symmetrie is broken in the background with its paisley-like shape, which gives the picture a sur- prising modern twist.

In the same shop I also found a nice wooden frame, even though it was dark green and plastic covered, I intended to use it for the picture.
I dont know where a dark green frame really fits in, but when its in a second hand store, maybe the former owner didnt knew that, too. Fortunatly the plastic cover got easily removed and I painted the frame in a creamy white shade (light antique white) which I already used on other projects in the living room and some days later “Tara” found her place on the wall.

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