Christmas Decorations II

This week I just want to show some small decorations for the kitchen table, in the living room and outside at our main door... The green fir vase on the kitchen table is decorated with wine charmers, these small deco pieces, which you can put on your wine glas to identify it from other glasses. These pieces are so small, that it was perfect for this decoration. The wood with the bow, which is laying under it, is the extra wood, which was left after putting all green in the vases...

The small santa above the window is made out of a piece of plywood, which got painted. He is hiding the end of the electric lights-curtain.

This decoration is part of a garland which hangs over the door to the living room (we actually don't have a real door there, more some kind of an opening.) Its an artificial garland, with extra (real) green in between, some wooden ornaments and a glass ornament from 1983.

Outside our living door, we dont have a big wreath, because we already customized the entry with a rajasthani mirrored welcome drapery. So I bought a small artificial (because its inside, real green fir would dry too soon) wreath, removed all the plastic decoration from it and added only two small plywood stars, which I painted in red and blue and brought it to the wreath with silver thread and some shining blue acrylic mosaic tiles... finished.

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