A tour through the bedroom

In the first months we didn't had the money to make any high jumps in design spheres, my husband just started working and with a little more than 1.000,00 $ we wanted to buy furniture in short time and for the whole flat. So we didnt started searching for the best offers there or there, but went straight to IKEA and bought the things which were at that time available and cheap. Our bed was a special offer and also the bed fabrics. Then we bought the red wool carpet and the white dresser and already had the colour scheme for the room. It was definatly red and white, with some splashes of blue, so it looked in principle like the american flag. That wasnt really supposed to be like that, but the look is fresh and the best we managed in short time.

Later I added details like the blue chair, which is a tradional Shaker-Style chair. I found it black-coloured in a second-hand store, and it took some time to remove the black paint (so my neighbours learned to know me, with black hands and sand paper sitting outside on the stairs) and to recolour it in white and iceblue, but it was worth the job and is now shining again.

The small beach photo serie over the dresser is another second-hand-found. The surrounding was in yellow colour. I painted it white and added some small lines in blue and sand to give the illusion of a real frame.
Actually it was meant to hang in the bathroom, but then we thought, that its mucher better fitting next near the chair.

Our mismatched bedside tables are also just founds. The one (a former TV-Stand in dark cherry was one day standing outside for trash aka. for free ) and the other was a yellow nightstand found in internet from a moving sale for 5 $. The colour is now forming the connection between both...
The old lamp is from a thrift store and is having a beautiful glas ornament. We both really liked it, but we are also worried, because it's not really cat save....

My future ideas for the room are, to add a bit more white, for example as bed linen (to take the red lighter) and I have to think about the curtains. Right now I have rough linen with a floral pattern, but the problem is, that a street light is directly shining in the room at night and the curtains are not thick enough to filter that light.

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