The real christmas spirit...

Our Christmas Tree was supposed to be small and for a more natural feeling it didn't needed to be necessarily perfect looking. So on a Sunday afternoon we went to the next supermarket were trees were sold. At this time new snow was falling and it was cold. We weren't much able to see how the tree looked like, because it was wrapped for transportation and umm, the small sizes were all gone... So we took the Supermarket Standard Size from around 1,80 m and went back home – carrying our tree through the snow and ice by hand, like in older times the people brought their trees out of the woods...
Then, my husband was fixing his very first own Christmas tree in the tree stand and after he unwrapped it, we saw, that the tree was just fully grown and perfect... Anand was even putting the lights and decoration with balls and pine cones on it and he just let me do some small details.

Our Wall-Rug, which we bought in Jaipur was given the colors for the tree. Because its dominating the living room, it doesn't make sense to choose different colors, the result will be loud colors without harmony..
So I choosed orange, gold, antique white and a small sparkle of blue and silver as the colors for the tree ornaments. But of course I bought less things, because it was meant for a much smaller tree. So, even when all balls and ornaments were on the tree, it still looked less and I thought about buying a bit more Christmas balls. But, then I really started loving it, its just a different kind of tree.. The ornaments, balls, feathers and ribbons came from Michaels (a craft shop), Canadian Tire, the this year IKEA-Collection with shining orange glas balls (but why did they combined black with it? Does it make sense to have black ornaments hanging on a dark green tree?), Dollarama and of course some old fashioned ornaments, which I found in the Thrift Stores...

Here I just added a few picture, some more are in this small album below... merry Christmas to you ... :-)
Christmas Tree

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