Easy Details

This is a close look to two different details in the bedroom, which nearly didn't cost anything.

The first one is our dramatic red panel over the bed.

The complete costs for this one were around 5 $. The core is made of a big double cardboard, which I got as a side product from our IKEA packages. But, you can also ask at any supermarket for such boards, they are just throwing it away after unpacking the goods.
I cut the board in its form and were putting a vinyl tablecloth (1$) as a first layer. Over it I drapped the rough silk fabric which I brought with me to Canada. Then I got some nice paper for scrapbooking and I just pinned it on the board. (There are various designs available, so that you can change your panel as often as you want.) Because of it's light weight, it just needed a few nails to hang and that was it...

My second detail is this small white rope I wrapped between the black metal at the bed head.

I have to admit, that I don't like the bed head much. I know that a designer was thinking a long time to make this product, but this is life, I am thinking about how to change it. My first change was this rope. (I needed two packages, each for 2 $.)

It took some longer time to finish this project and in the meantime the cats started liking it as some kind of a scratchboard, so I guess this idea is meant for a cat free household. Until now it still looks good, but my bed head transformation process isnt completed, I will try to upholster it complety, somehow.... any ideas from you are very welcome... :-)

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