Since longer time I'm posting pictures from 'Decormag', now finally I want to show the magazine by itself:

I'm reading 'Le premier magazine de décoration au Québec' Number 380. It took some time for me to read it through, because my French is -if existing at all- just a basic school version and it was nearly never in use. But, I loved the magazine, the ideas and colors.
It was more innovative than anything else I read until now in northern America. And it is a nice break from the monochrome “Hotelroom-Perfect -Look” which other magazines seem to prefer and to see actual real living, breathing homes, again. It gave me so many new ideas and inspirations, what to do with my blog and also with my own art projects.

This one and the two posts above are the last from the mag and then its going on with new stuff, pakka ... ;-)
The two pictures are showing shopping ideas from Montreal and a special green furniture for the garden from cinqcinqdesigners.

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