Easy Details III - from New to Old with wood wax

When we moved into our flat we got some of our furniture from a colleague of my husband who moved to Spain and sold his whole household.
For our kitchen we got these very simple IKEA-chairs and table from him. They already had been two years in use and the pine wood was darkened in different brownish-yellow tones. It just didn't looked that fresh any longer.
For sometime I was thinking what to do with it, coloring it opaque or just a thin layer of white to let it look fresher again... One day in the deepest winter I found the solution at 'Canadian Tire'. The product is named PolyShades from Minwax and its available in a wide variation of wood colors.
It is an all-in-one product, so you don't need to work with a primer, a stain and a clear finish... and you have everything in one working process. Just when your furniture is already colored you might need to prepare it with sand paper, but our furniture was completely natural wood.
We decided to buy the color: Antique walnut gloss (the gloss was worth some discussion between my husband and me because it doesn't look that natural any longer, when its glossy, but I wanted it shining... ;-)
Then I just had to wait for warmer days, because we don't have a place inside to work with bad smelling chemicals and even holding the cats away from it.
At least my cats were very nicely preparing the chairs for the antique look, with a large number of scratches and small needle prints. If you want your furniture to look older, after waxing it and you don't have any cats available, you can also scratch with a knife, needle, hammer what ever destruction you are thinking about. These points will look darker much darker than the rest of the wood, after the waxing.

Last Sunday finally, it was warm enough to work outside and I painted all my chairs, the table, two picture frames and a fruit bowl in the same glossy walnut tone. I needed two hours for it and then it dried for one hour more and everything was done....
I really like my kitchen furniture now... Do you see how different the colors shine in the sun?

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