A warm winter day / Ein warmer Wintertag

There were a few warm days just around New Year and so we enjoyed our time with not so many layers of clothes while walking along the water front… it was wonderful, because 50 F felt like summer. Although this winter is rather mild… I simply don’t like “cold” at all. Oh btw. this is one of the dresses I got from my mum for Christmas, it is a printed woollen dress, has pockets and it's so cozy and warm (the other one was with the owl print from my last outfit post)… I could live in it forever, thank you mummy :)

Die Temperaturen um Neujahr herum waren erstaunlich mild für den Vermonter Winter und so genossen wir es einmal eine Weile mit weniger Lagen Kleidung draußen sein zu können. Es waren zwar nur +10°C aber die fühlten sich an wie Sommer. Obwohl dieser Winter bisher recht ausgeglichen war... ich mag „kalt“ einfach überhaupt nicht. Dieses Kleid habe ich übrigens auch von meiner Mutter zu Weihnachten bekommen (das andere war das mit dem Eulendruck, das ich in meinem letzten Outfitpost getragen habe) ... es ist so warm, hat Taschen und fühlt sich gut an, danke schön Mutti :)


  1. hello there(: i just happened upon your blog and i think its cute with many interesting posts(: so glad i managed to stop by and reading your profile it sure sounds like you travel quite a bit! i love traveling(:



  2. Hii Maebell, I'm happy that you like my blog and I also sneaked into your one :)
    Yes, I did change my living place quite a lot in the last years, but now I will be stuck in Vermont for at least two years in very small city, the smallest I ever lived in, actually. But at least I could fly to New York in 45 minutes.. so when life gets too boring, I can change that :) Thea


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